Do you really need web marketing to sell your product? Yes.

Marketing has changed since the turn of the century. Where billboards and print advertisements once ruled and email was just a passing fancy, we are now immersed in social media, apps and mobile technology. It’s these new methods of communication that have determined how marketing professionals now reach their audiences.

The simple answer as to whether web marketing is key to selling your product is a resounding yes. In fact, no is not an option. This is because the customer’s purchasing  journey has changed.

Do you really need web marketing? Yes

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Five easy online marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

The world of online marketing moves so fast that it can be rather easy to slip up and make some honest mistakes. Repeating mistakes can be disastrous, though. Picking up on some vital signs will steer you in the right direction. Here are 5 common mistakes you may not be aware of, and how to avoid them.

Assuming results or taking things for granted

“Never assume” is the golden rule of the internet. Everything across the web needs to be taken with a pinch of salt — particularly the numbers. Companies like to bulk up their social media presence as much as possible with likes and followers. Clicks are championed as a webpage’s success but it is unique visitors and returning visitors that will determine whether your site is a success or not. Knee jerk reactions to the numbers won’t do you any favours. In-depth analysis of your data can be time consuming but ultimately rewarding.
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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Marketing Company (part 4)

This is Part Four of a new educational series called: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Marketing Company. [Interested in reading Part One, Two, or Three?]

In Part One, we discussed the importance of goal setting.

Then, in Part Two, we talked about the importance of finding an Internet marketing company that delivers the Four Core Services.

Part Three went on to illustrate why effective Internet marketing companies should be their own best case study.

Next, we’ll discuss a topic that’s important to you…

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Marketing Company (part 3)

This is Part Three of a new educational series called: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Marketing Company. [Interested in reading Part One and Two?]

In Part One, we discussed the importance of goal-setting. After you’ve done some initial planning, it’s time to start looking for an Internet marketing company. Then, in Part Two, we talked about why it’s important to find an Internet Marketing Company that Delivers the Four Core Services.

Next, we’ll go over something that we, at Fruition, take very seriously.

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Internet Marketing Tip: Original, Quality Content is Key

Graphs: Benefits of Blogging to Internet Marketing

There are numerous avenues of Internet marketing to venture into, and a plethora of tips and tricks you can apply in each to make the method of marketing more effective. One internet marketing tip, however, encompasses several facets of interactive and digital marketing, and is proven to be effective on several levels: original, quality content is key.

You probably heard it before, said in a different way or written in a different manner. Regardless of how it is said, the truth of it remains, and the advice is worth heeding. In fact, ensuring your website blog provides your visitors with fresh, original content is statistically proven to lead to success:

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Better Landing Pages = More Internet Marketing Success

Sample Internet Marketing Landing Page

Over the course of the evolution of Internet marketing, a handful of marketing tools and methodologies have remained useful and effective. Through changing from predominantly interruption-driven efforts to black hat search optimization to inbound marketing and further on to social media, advertising efforts such as landing pages have been pillars of advertising campaigns and rightfully so: if designed correctly and given great market copy, landing pages are very effective in lead generation and lead info capture. often they are also used for direct conversion to sales as well, which means they can be used on both ends of the sales funnel.

Being so central to Internet marketing endeavors, it’s only natural that the better your landing pages perform, the more successful your campaigning becomes. So how do your landing pages fare?

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Re-designing your Web site: have you covered your assets?

What is most important when you are considering a website redesign? Is it aesthetics? Navigation? New features? Before all of these, you need to consider Internet marketing and optimization. You need to cover your assets:

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Is it time for a Web site redesign?

You look at your website and start thinking it’s not quite what it should be.  You want it to be more eye-catching, more dynamic, and you want it to present your business in a whole new way, especially in this still-wild world of Internet marketing.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to redesign your website, as long as you have a good reason why you want to do it.

Web Site Re-design Half-Life

In some ways, a website redesign is harder than designing it the first time.  Users are accustomed to your current site and might have trouble adjusting to the new one.  If they can’t figure it out right away, they may get so frustrated that they abandon the site for good.  That’s why you need to redesign your site for the right reasons.

Here are some bad reasons for doing it:

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The business case for your blog

Blog Post Lead Generation Graph

A big part of our work as a digital marketing agency involves talking to clients and prospective clients about creating quality Web site content on a regular basis, or what a lot of the world calls “blogging.”

And we get challenged on it. A lot. “We don’t have time to write that stuff,” “I hate writing that stuff,” “nobody would  read our blog.” These are all common objections that we hear.

But you should make time – or hire someone who’s good at it who has the time – and people will read it if it’s done right. In fact, according to HubSpot, companies that blog generate 70% to 90% more leads than comparable companies that don’t blog. And I’m going to guess, although I don’t have hard statistically  valid data to back it up, that companies that blog convert those leads into sales at a higher rate, too.

Here’s why…

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Not sure when to tweet? Check out this handy chart

A key to getting the most from Twitter is:

  • getting the most click-throughs to your content
  • getting your community to amplify your message through re-tweeting

And for this, as for so many things, timing is key. Download our handy chart to find out when the it’s the best time to send out your message. It’s what we’ve got posted on our walls here at Fruition.

Download PDF: When To Tweet Chart