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4 Steps to Get Your Offerings Back on Track

Inbound marketing is about making your business the most appealing to potential customers. By understanding your customer you can develop an inbound marketing strategy that will draw-in your consumer, build a relationship of trust with them so they will examine what you have to offer.

But what happens when your offerings are falling flat? It’s easy to blame the consumer, but in all likelihood it’s because of the offer. Here are four steps, to get your offerings back on track and moving forward.


Step 1: Set a Goal

Set specific and attainable goals. Goals can take many forms but, in the end, it boils down to generating more revenue. Examine your existing goals and consider:

  • Refining your list – either expanding or reducing the people that you are reaching
  • Limiting its restrictions,
  • Opening up new sales channels,
  • Or creating new partnerships to rehash your existing goal.

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5 Dos and Don’ts of Effective A/B Testing

Ready to perform some A/B testing on your website?

The concept may be simple, but A/B testing’s role in inbound marketing is so significant that you should always know what you’re doing. Here’s a cheat sheet of “dos and don’ts” pointers:

Image Courtesy: Small Business Database Marketing

Do: Start with the Goals, then Test

This might seem like trivial common sense, but it’s in fact a frequent mistake that derails the entire effort. Without direction, your A/B testing is meaningless; and your goals dictate your direction.

Don’t: Set Goals Not Aligned to Current Needs

Always align testing goals with inbound marketing improvement. Even if you have set goals, but they’re not aligned to desired improvements in your inbound marketing, then the results of your A/B testing efforts won’t be useful until such time as it can be employed to improve one facet of your marketing or design.
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3 Tips to Creating Great Inbound Marketing Campaigns

An important aspect of creating great inbound marketing campaigns in Toronto, is understanding the needs of your ideal customer. Knowing the questions that they have and the information they require to make a decision is critical to creating a campaign that will have high conversions. So, what are the critical issues to consider.

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5 Ways to Identify a Cutting-Edge Marketing Company

The ideal marketing company is a combination of core competence and innovation — never afraid to head in the direction of constructive change through a constant process of measuring, testing, tweaking, and evolution. The problem is how to find the best digital agency for your business.

To help you in your search, keep in mind that a successful, cutting-edge marketing company knows:

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Marketing Company (part 4)

This is Part Four of a new educational series called: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Marketing Company. [Interested in reading Part One, Two, or Three?]

In Part One, we discussed the importance of goal setting.

Then, in Part Two, we talked about the importance of finding an Internet marketing company that delivers the Four Core Services.

Part Three went on to illustrate why effective Internet marketing companies should be their own best case study.

Next, we’ll discuss a topic that’s important to you…

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Marketing Company (part 3)

This is Part Three of a new educational series called: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Marketing Company. [Interested in reading Part One and Two?]

In Part One, we discussed the importance of goal-setting. After you’ve done some initial planning, it’s time to start looking for an Internet marketing company. Then, in Part Two, we talked about why it’s important to find an Internet Marketing Company that Delivers the Four Core Services.

Next, we’ll go over something that we, at Fruition, take very seriously.

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Live-blogging Canada’s premier digital conference (#mesh12)

The Fruition team will be attending the mesh conference in Toronto May 23 and 24th at the Allstream Centre on the CNE Grounds (visit conference Web site).

Team members will be live-blogging the event over the course of the two days, bringing you some of the latest insights and innovations from the worlds of digital marketing, citizen engagement, e-learning and online media. Just look for the #mesh12 hash tag on our blog posts.

You’ll also be able to connect with members of the Fruition team on-site during the conference, as well as hear from Fruition’s Mitch Fanning in his mesh workshop on content marketing on Thursday, May 24 at 1:05 pm.

See you there!

5 ways to make your online marketing really work

Internet marketing word cloud box package

Last time, I wrote about how, as owner of an online marketing company, I get to see first hand how many agencies – and many a digital agency to boot – fail with their campaigns because they fail to understand how the Internet has changed the buying process. (You can read the article here).

Now I want to talk about a new model of marketing that wins by connecting with customers’ new ways of choosing and buying.

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Why most marketing fails

Belvedere Marketing FailAs the owner of an online marketing company, I get to sit in on a fair number of advertising agency pitches and briefings with our clients. And more often than not, the pitches are a variation on “clever creative spots” or “bold brand ideas”.

It’s not surprising – these things have been marketing agencies’ bread and butter since before Don Draper strapped on his first Brooks Brothers’ suit.

But it is less and less convincing.

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Fruition Interactive is now a Google Certified Partner

Google AdWords Certified PartnerI just received word that Fruition Interactive has been accepted as a Google AdWords Certified Partner. The certification recognizes Fruition’s  demonstrated excellence in configuring, optimizing and reporting on the success of our clients’ AdWords CPC campaigns.

The certification is your assurance that our AdWords work for you will meet the highest standards.

(Not that we needed Google to tell us that. But, still, it’s nice to hear.)