The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Marketing Company (part 2)

This is Part Two of a new educational series called: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Marketing Company.  Part One can be found here.

In part one, we discussed the importance of goal-setting.  After you’ve done some initial planning, it’s time to start looking for an Internet marketing company.

Find an Internet Marketing Company that Delivers the Four Core Services

Your search can be based on location (i.e., Toronto), types of services or perhaps even industry expertise.  There’s lot of criteria, which can narrow the field, but perhaps the most important revolves around whether or not the Internet marketing company offers the Four Core Services.

These services are comprised of several separate tactical components, but must be executed in a way that combines them in order to deliver the best results possible.

Agencies that are able to fold all of these tactics together into an integrated strategy provide a good sign that they have the proven expertise required to help your business grow.

The Four Core Services of Internet Marketing

The first core service of Internet marketing is an agency’s ability to generate traffic to your Website using a combination of search engine, content and social media marketing.

Next, an agency should have the ability to quickly create landing pages with compelling calls-to-action and offers as a way to convert some of this new traffic into leads.

Third, Internet marketing companies must also have the expertise to build targeted lead nurturing campaigns aimed at moving prospects down your marketing funnel which, over time, can help your sales team close more business.

Finally, in order to improve, analysis and optimization of these marketing activities should happen on a regular basis.  Having the ability to dig into the data in order to make improvements is crucial.  Doing so, makes it possible for Internet marketing companies (working on your behalf) to repeat successes, while cutting loose the things that aren’t working.

In closing, here are a few key questions to ask potential agencies you meet with:

1. Do you offer traffic generation, lead generation and lead nurturing services?


2. How do you track the success (or failure) of these services?


3. What specific tactics does your agency use to deliver each of these services?


4. Can you provide some client examples that best demonstrate the success you’ve had delivering these services (on your client’s behalf)?

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  • California SEO Company

     Explain white Hat SEO?

  • California SEO Company

    Explain white Hat SEO?Califonia SEO Compay>

  • Kent Wakely

    I don’t think we mentioned “white hat” SEO in the piece, but the term refers to SEO techniques that Google considers to be legitimate. These would include:

    - Creating excellent, useful frequently updated content that has a moderate density of keywords in it
    - Having informative and relevant headlines, alt tags, title tags and descriptions in your content

    - Having links from legitimate third-party sites to your site.

    - Conversely, the term “black hat” SEO refers to techniques that Google frowns upon. These include:

    - Spamming blog post comment sections (ahem)
    - creating poor quality content solely for the purposes of creating backlinks to your site
    - creating “content farms,” multiple sites with near identical poor content for the purposes of creating backlinks to sites