Better Landing Pages = More Internet Marketing Success

Sample Internet Marketing Landing Page

Over the course of the evolution of Internet marketing, a handful of marketing tools and methodologies have remained useful and effective. Through changing from predominantly interruption-driven efforts to black hat search optimization to inbound marketing and further on to social media, advertising efforts such as landing pages have been pillars of advertising campaigns and rightfully so: if designed correctly and given great market copy, landing pages are very effective in lead generation and lead info capture. often they are also used for direct conversion to sales as well, which means they can be used on both ends of the sales funnel.

Being so central to Internet marketing endeavors, it’s only natural that the better your landing pages perform, the more successful your campaigning becomes. So how do your landing pages fare?

Do your landing pages target a specific segment of your audience?

Landing pages are meant to be found and accessed by the people who care the most - a portion of your target market that is of a mind to either provide lead info, subscribe, convert, or all of these. General landing pages are hit-or-miss tools that waste Internet marketing resources and time spent for campaigning. The more relevant and targeted your landing page is, the better your chances of conversion.

Do you have separate landing pages for your offers, your marketing channels, and your goals (lead generation or conversion or subscription)?

As your Internet marketing spans several product or service offers and encompasses multiple channels of communication, you should make sure that you have the right number of landing pages to accommodate the different market segments that “land” on them.

Is your market copy clear, simple, and concise?

Does your market copy unnecessarily babble before putting up the offer? One company who had a 32% conversion rate with existing form fields decided to cut their long descriptions short. In doing so, they managed to increase conversion rates to 53%. Remove all possible distractions to filling out that all-important form - even dragging, useless sales copy fluff.

Is your information entry form optimized?

Your entry form should be above the fold - do not force your visitors to scroll down the page just to enter their info. Arrange the fields in the form to obtain the most important data first, and make sure you ask just enough information to not lengthen the form.

How fast can you build landing pages?

Can one person launch a landing page in 15 minutes? Taking longer might hint at something being over-complicated. Taking less time might mean you’re missing something.

How much does it take (cost and resources) to test your landing pages?

A/B testing for landing pages means fine-tuning your marketing elements - from the entry form to the market copy - to better reel in your visitors. Testing is a quintessential part of Internet marketing, and testing landing pages should not be take for granted. Check too make sure it’s not too cost- or time-intensive to experiment on your landing pages.

A few other points to remember:

  • Always keep on branding with your Internet marketing efforts via landing pages: always include your logo and slogan.
  • Forget about navigation - there is only one goal for landing pages, and nowhere else to go: conversion.
  • Promote social sharing and always include a thank you page
  • Tie in your landing pages to your email marketing and lead nurturing efforts.

Remember that landing pages are the gateways to conversion and lead generation in your Internet marketing campaigns. Make it as hassle-free to use, make your message clear and concise, and make your offers engaging and interesting.