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Increase your clients’ lifetime value with our loyalty marketing services

Once you’ve landed a client, making them your client for life is key.

Fruition helps you use:

  • Targeted, personalized email communications
  • Social marketing
  • Rewards programs
  • And more


  • Increase the frequency your customers or clients come to you
  • Increase the types of offerings people turn to you for
  • Activate dormant accounts
  • Ensure you’re top of mind when your customers or clients need what you offer
  • Increase referrals

Email Marketing

Go beyond standard one-size-fits-all newsletters and e-blasts. Target specific, relevant offers and messages to your customers based on:

  • Their interests
  • Their past purchase history
  • Their demographics

To drive better business results.

Social Marketing

Fruition can help you make the most of tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and others to:

  • Educate and inform
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Help them spread the word about your business

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