Agile Web Design and Development

By using Agile design and development methods for your Web project, Fruition Interactive helps you get to market faster, helps make sure that what we build is in line with what you need, and helps you increase your revenue by allowing you to continuously adapt to your market’s needs.

Detailed discovery

In one intensive session, we’ll sit down with your project stakeholders to do a detailed breakdown of your project’s requirements. Branding, audience, technical, business — we cover all the bases and go as deep as possible.

At the end of it, you’ll get an actionable document of your needs around the project, a defined project scope that everyone understands and, most importantly, you get a detailed and accurate quote for the work.

Web design and development the Agile way

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Working from your requirements document, development proceeds in 2-week stages (we call them “Sprints”). Functional and other specifications are prepared throughout the course of these stages, continuously integrating the project’s design and development processes.

At the beginning of each stage, we meet with you to establish priorities and the work that needs to be done during that stage.

The scope of work for each stage is then documented.

At the end of each stage, we meet again to review work completed, to adjust requirements, and identify any emerging requirements.

Change management takes place within the overall project management framework. When you identify a new feature or functionality for the project, we’ll work with you to identify and document any associated cost and/or timeline impacts.

You can then choose to a) increase the project budget and timeline to accommodate the new feature or functionality b) substitute the new feature or functionality for one of equivalent impact and on which work has not yet started or c) decline to proceed with the new feature or functionality.

The product requirements document will be updated accordingly.


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