What’s the big SEO deal? 3 things you need to know about Google’s Twitter indexing

Business owners depending on SEO, have you heard? Google and Twitter are teaming up again, four years after they parted ways. Soon, SEO strategists will start seeing tweets displayed in real time on Google’s search results pages.

Google indexed Twitter data until 2011 when their deal fell through and they no longer had access to the Twitter Firehose – the aptly named torrent of data that comes from its estimated 228 million active monthly users. [Read more…]

Not sure when to tweet? Check out this handy chart

A key to getting the most from Twitter is:

  • getting the most click-throughs to your content
  • getting your community to amplify your message through re-tweeting

And for this, as for so many things, timing is key. Download our handy chart to find out when the it’s the best time to send out your message. It’s what we’ve got posted on our walls here at Fruition.

Download PDF: When To Tweet Chart





5 ways to make your online marketing really work

Internet marketing word cloud box package

Last time, I wrote about how, as owner of an online marketing company, I get to see first hand how many agencies – and many a digital agency to boot – fail with their campaigns because they fail to understand how the Internet has changed the buying process. (You can read the article here).

Now I want to talk about a new model of marketing that wins by connecting with customers’ new ways of choosing and buying.

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3 Reasons to Relax About Your New Klout Score

Angry Twitter post about new Klout scoring algorithm

Klout, the online tool that tracks your social media activity and claims to rank your influence there, retooled the way they calculate those rankings last week. The change resulted in a reported thousands of Klout users seeing major drops in their Klout scores. And that has many of the site’s users freaking out.

The concern is misplaced, though. Here’s why.

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What your business can learn from the online porn business (#mesh11)

I’m at Mesh 2011, “Canada’s Web Conference” at The Allstream Centre in Toronto on Wednesday and Thursday May 25 and 26. I’ll be posting updates periodically over the course of the conference.

Regardless of how you feel about porn, the industry has long been at the leading edge of the technology curve. It was one of the first to ummm… embrace the VCR, it was one of the first to extensively use digital media.

Online porn pioneer Pink Visual’s Allison Vivas says, “most of us are looking at code and statistics and financial performance, not looking at the content.”

The adult industry is grappling with the impact of user generated content and piracy. Hard to convince people to pay for something they’re used to getting for free. Sound familiar? It does to every media company exec out there.

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Twitter: Changing Lives and Your Business (Video)

Here’s a recent presentation I did with fellow Social Media Club Niagara colleague, Robin McPherson, titled “How Twitter Changed Our Lives and What This Means For Your Business“.

Topics included:

- Top Twitter Strategies
- Best Practices (with examples)
- Tools and tips to increase @replies, RT, and click-throughs, and followers
- Tons of research, metrics, and resources on Twitter.

It pulls from real case studies, including our own experience. To advance slides on the presentation, just hover the mouse over the right-hand side of the displayed slide and click. Also, if you weren’t able to attend our the meeting in September, here is the video (see below).

About the Author:

Mitch Fanning is VP of Strategy & Business Development for Fruition Interactive, a professional member of Social Media Club, and founding member of Social Media Club Niagara. He’s spent 10 plus years working with businesses of all sizes, from global brands - to B2B companies - to some of Canada’s fastest growing Internet companies ranked in the PROFIT 100. Follow Mitch on his adventures in new media here at [mitchellfanning.com].

Photo credit: Robin McPherson