4 ways to optimize sales from inbound marketing leads

That title may have been a bit misleading. You see, there’s one sure-fire way to optimize sales from inbound marketing leads — it’s to close the gap between your marketing and your sales in the first place.

There seems to be this unspoken but nonetheless prevalent inclination for large companies to have a sales team that is separate from their marketing team. In the real world, that might make sense. In the cyber realm, it’s a huge waste. It’s a 24% waste, according to SalesForce.com — that’s how much more revenue a company that has successfully merged marketing and sales together makes over a company that has not.

So, let’s talk about the real topic here: 4 ways to effectively streamline sales and marketing to make the most out of your inbound marketing leads. [Read more…]

Tactics for Targeting SEO: Google.ca vs Google.com

SEO: Google.ca Vs Google.com

Search results for “news”: Google.ca vs Google.com

Last time, I talked about some of the differences between Google.ca and Google.com and how they can affect your SEO and your Internet marketing in general.

Today, I want to talk about some specific tactics for making sure your site is Search Engine Optimized for the right Google database ­– Canada or the USA.

In general, you want your site to give Google as many hints as possible about the geographic market you serve.  And here are some practical ways to do that.

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Google.ca vs. Google.com: Is your SEO optimizing for the right search engine?

Google Doodle from Canada Day 2010

When you search Google from Canada, did you know that you see much different search engine results than someone doing the same search from the USA (or the UK or other countries)?

That’s right. Google maintains separate databases for 10 different countries (that’s US, UK, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Australia, for those of you scoring along at home). And if you’re in Canada, even if you type Google.com into your browser, Google automatically redirects you to Google.ca, the Canadian version of the site.

And those results can be dramatically different.  Take, for example a search for “news” on Google.ca (Canada):

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Internet Marketing Tip: Original, Quality Content is Key

Graphs: Benefits of Blogging to Internet Marketing

There are numerous avenues of Internet marketing to venture into, and a plethora of tips and tricks you can apply in each to make the method of marketing more effective. One internet marketing tip, however, encompasses several facets of interactive and digital marketing, and is proven to be effective on several levels: original, quality content is key.

You probably heard it before, said in a different way or written in a different manner. Regardless of how it is said, the truth of it remains, and the advice is worth heeding. In fact, ensuring your website blog provides your visitors with fresh, original content is statistically proven to lead to success:

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SEO for the world’s second biggest search engine

When they’re talking SEO, people generally talk about optimizing for Google. That makes sense – it’s the worlds biggest search engine, by far.

But Google’s search isn’t the only search game in town. There are plenty of other search engines, and at least one of them comes close to rivalling Google’s main search tool in terms of number of searches. And it’s almost as important for getting your business in front of potential customers and your online marketing.

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Lead Nurturing: Your Online Marketing Secret Weapon

Nurture and believe

On this blog, we talk a lot about generating new traffic to your business’ Web site and converting that traffic into qualified leads that help your business grow.

But we haven’t talked much – yet – about what to do once you’ve got those leads. How do you use Internet marketing to help progressively introduce those leads to the value that your product or service provides and to support them towards deciding to buy from you?

That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

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Turning your Web site clicks into customers

Online Marketing Sales FunnelLast week, I wrote about how blogging – regularly creating unique and interesting content for your Web site –  helps your site’s SEO, increases site traffic and educates your clients and prospects.

But you can spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on SEO, blogging and other traffic-focussed online marketing without a dime of return on that investment if you don’t also think about and invest in what comes next. How do those site visitors become leads for your business?

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The business case for your blog

Blog Post Lead Generation Graph

A big part of our work as a digital marketing agency involves talking to clients and prospective clients about creating quality Web site content on a regular basis, or what a lot of the world calls “blogging.”

And we get challenged on it. A lot. “We don’t have time to write that stuff,” “I hate writing that stuff,” “nobody would  read our blog.” These are all common objections that we hear.

But you should make time – or hire someone who’s good at it who has the time – and people will read it if it’s done right. In fact, according to HubSpot, companies that blog generate 70% to 90% more leads than comparable companies that don’t blog. And I’m going to guess, although I don’t have hard statistically  valid data to back it up, that companies that blog convert those leads into sales at a higher rate, too.

Here’s why…

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Not sure when to tweet? Check out this handy chart

A key to getting the most from Twitter is:

  • getting the most click-throughs to your content
  • getting your community to amplify your message through re-tweeting

And for this, as for so many things, timing is key. Download our handy chart to find out when the it’s the best time to send out your message. It’s what we’ve got posted on our walls here at Fruition.

Download PDF: When To Tweet Chart





5 ways to make your online marketing really work

Internet marketing word cloud box package

Last time, I wrote about how, as owner of an online marketing company, I get to see first hand how many agencies – and many a digital agency to boot – fail with their campaigns because they fail to understand how the Internet has changed the buying process. (You can read the article here).

Now I want to talk about a new model of marketing that wins by connecting with customers’ new ways of choosing and buying.

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