What’s the big SEO deal? 3 things you need to know about Google’s Twitter indexing

Business owners depending on SEO, have you heard? Google and Twitter are teaming up again, four years after they parted ways. Soon, SEO strategists will start seeing tweets displayed in real time on Google’s search results pages.

Google indexed Twitter data until 2011 when their deal fell through and they no longer had access to the Twitter Firehose – the aptly named torrent of data that comes from its estimated 228 million active monthly users. [Read more…]

Sharpen Your Inbound Marketing Skills : Take A Course, Attend A Workshop

InboundMarketingConferences_FruitionInteractiveInbound marketing requires that you wear a myriad of hats and have many different skills. While you can’t be an expert at everything and it’s probably not a good idea anyway, keeping your inbound marketing tool box filled with new skills just makes sense. What better way to keep on your inbound marketing knowledge fresh than by attending a course/workshop or conference.

Here’s our course/workshops/conference that fall under the umbrella of basic inbound marketing knowledge.

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Course for Business

WHEN: February 3 & 4th
WHERE: 3300 Bloor St W. Centre Tower, 2nd Floor Room 2220
WHO: ClickInsight

COST: Starting at $824 (Early Bird Savings of $75 before January 28th)
SPACE: Is limited. And it’s BYOL (laptop)
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Google stops providing keyword information

Keywords Not ProvidedIt’s news that’s shocking – but not completely surprising – the search marketing world. Effective immediately, Google is no longer providing keyword data from searches on the world’s most-used search engine.

This means that marketers will no longer be able to use marketing software like Google Analytics and Hubspot to track which search keywords send the most traffic to their sites or generate the most leads and sales once users arrive there.

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Major Google SEO changes roll out this week. How will they affect you?

YouTube Preview Image

As of yesterday, Google announced that they’d finished rolling out their third major upgrade to their search ranking system this year.

They’re calling the upgrade Penguin 2.0 and, like Penguin 1.0, it’s trying to eliminate the benefits that businesses (and their SEO service providers) once got by creating questionable or spammy links back to their sites.

Google Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts explains the changes in detail in the video above, but here are the main takeaways for SEO:

  • Paid links, or links from paid content back to your site won’t give you the SEO boost you once may have seen
  • Links with keywords that have traditionally been associated with spam – words like “payday loans” for instance – will not give you the same SEO boost as previously
  • Spam links, like the bogus comments with links that you’ll often see on blog posts, are being weeded out and they will not benefit your SEO strategy either

We’ve talked to a few people already who have seen their search rankings for important keywords drop substantially. That’s essentially been the cost of their decision to work with dodgy, often offshore, SEO services partners. And now they’re in pain.

At Fruition, and with a number of our clients, we’ve actually seen our Page Rank increase this week. The reason? We’ve focussed on the thing that Google will always, always, always reward: creating great sites with great content that users love and that people want to come back to, link to, and share.


New Google Local Search Results Pages Roll out in Canada: What does it Mean for Your SEO and Internet Marketing


Google Search Engine Results Pages with only 7 Results (vs 10), USA Market 2012

Google Search Engine Results Pages with only 7 Results (vs 10), USA Market 2012

While Google’s two big search algorithm updates –  Penguin and Panda – captured a lot of headlines in 2012, there have been some other, lesser-known changes to the way the search giant tabulates and displays search results this year, that may have an even bigger  impact on your business’ search traffic and Internet marketing.

In particular, Google has made a bunch of gradual changes to the way they display local search results that, taken together, are starting to have a big impact for online marketers.

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AuthorRank and your SEO and Internet marketing success

A good reputation is more valuable than money (especially when it comes to your SEO and Internet marketing)

A while ago, when Google first launched their Google+ social network,  I wrote about how Google would eventually start to use information from your Google+ profile to influence your SEO ranking.

That’s coming true. And businesses that want to succeed at Internet marketing need to know how and why that works and  know how to optimize for the new reality . Here’s the skinny.

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SEO zero to hero in 2 blog posts (Internet Marketing Case Study)

Inbound Marketing Tag Cloud

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how strategic Inbound Marketing is better than tactical SEO in terms of driving not just traffic to your site, but also leads and sales. (You know, the actual business results that you care about).

When I wrote that, as it happens, I was in the middle of an experiment to see just how much content, the lifeblood of Inbound Marketing, can influence your search rankings.

Here’s the full story.

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Tactics for Targeting SEO: Google.ca vs Google.com

SEO: Google.ca Vs Google.com

Search results for “news”: Google.ca vs Google.com

Last time, I talked about some of the differences between Google.ca and Google.com and how they can affect your SEO and your Internet marketing in general.

Today, I want to talk about some specific tactics for making sure your site is Search Engine Optimized for the right Google database ­– Canada or the USA.

In general, you want your site to give Google as many hints as possible about the geographic market you serve.  And here are some practical ways to do that.

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5 Key Things About Google Plus Pages for Your Business

Google+ for Business Google+ Page

This week Google announced that they’re opening up their Google Plus social network to let businesses join the party, through something they’re calling “Pages for Business”.

Businesses need to think carefully about results before they commit to a new social networking platform. If you’re a business owner or marketer, here are the things you should consider before deciding to set up your Page or to give it a pass.

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How Google+ changes (almost) everything for businesses (part 2)

Last week I wrote about how Google+, Google’s new social networking platform, has the strong potential to be a game-changer when it comes to how businesses do search engine optimization for their sites.

This week, I want to talk about how Google+ could change the landscape of the online advertising world.

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