4 ways to optimize sales from inbound marketing leads

That title may have been a bit misleading. You see, there’s one sure-fire way to optimize sales from inbound marketing leads — it’s to close the gap between your marketing and your sales in the first place.

There seems to be this unspoken but nonetheless prevalent inclination for large companies to have a sales team that is separate from their marketing team. In the real world, that might make sense. In the cyber realm, it’s a huge waste. It’s a 24% waste, according to SalesForce.com — that’s how much more revenue a company that has successfully merged marketing and sales together makes over a company that has not.

So, let’s talk about the real topic here: 4 ways to effectively streamline sales and marketing to make the most out of your inbound marketing leads. [Read more…]

Turning your Web site clicks into customers

Online Marketing Sales FunnelLast week, I wrote about how blogging – regularly creating unique and interesting content for your Web site –  helps your site’s SEO, increases site traffic and educates your clients and prospects.

But you can spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on SEO, blogging and other traffic-focussed online marketing without a dime of return on that investment if you don’t also think about and invest in what comes next. How do those site visitors become leads for your business?

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