What colour is your website? Choosing the right colours can make a difference

In the online world, design is everything and your looks mean something. The first thing a user notices about a website are its colours, layout, and elements like logos and fonts. All of these design principles set a tone for the website and its function and user judgement is almost instantaneous.

While you may be, understandably, focused on your content and social media strategy, it can be easy to let some design and colour scheme flaws slip under the radar. Now it’s time to pay special attention to the colours you are using and ask yourself if they’re conveying your desired message.

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Internet Marketing Tips: Your Homepage is Where the Heart is

Most Important Aspects of A Web Site DesignToday’s post is by guest blogger, Al Biedrzycki. Al works at HubSpot as a consultant for the company’s partner agencies (like us).  He’s a Boston native and a graduate of Bentley University, the Waltham-based business school from which he acquired a degree in Marketing. Read Al’s full bio or follow him on Twitter. 

Let’s pretend for a moment that your website’s homepage is your house. This exercise is actually quite easy—you can start to draw quite a few comparisons without much effort. Think about it—you may have bought your house in the last decade. Perhaps you felt ambitious and built it yourself (if so, nice job). Maybe it’s had some work done (and in hindsight, perhaps the “improvements” are questionable). Seeing the connection? Cool.

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Re-designing your Web site: have you covered your assets?

What is most important when you are considering a website redesign? Is it aesthetics? Navigation? New features? Before all of these, you need to consider Internet marketing and optimization. You need to cover your assets:

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Is it time for a Web site redesign?

You look at your website and start thinking it’s not quite what it should be.  You want it to be more eye-catching, more dynamic, and you want it to present your business in a whole new way, especially in this still-wild world of Internet marketing.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to redesign your website, as long as you have a good reason why you want to do it.

Web Site Re-design Half-Life

In some ways, a website redesign is harder than designing it the first time.  Users are accustomed to your current site and might have trouble adjusting to the new one.  If they can’t figure it out right away, they may get so frustrated that they abandon the site for good.  That’s why you need to redesign your site for the right reasons.

Here are some bad reasons for doing it:

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Laredo Law Web Site design and development

Laredo Law Home Page

Click to Visit

Project Summary

This midtown law firm approached Fruition to create a site that was clean-looking and that didn’t look and sound like every other law firm on the planet.

Lots of white space as well as visuals and copy designed to connect with the hearts and minds of prospective clients help Laredo Law stand out from the crowd.
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Featured Client: Catalyst Learning Group

When Catalyst Learning Group wanted to launch a new online business they turned to Fruition to make it happen. Visitors to Catalyst’s new site can now register and access its complete e-learning course library in just a few clicks, allowing the client to expand its reach to a global market, while a new  visual identity better reflects the client’s brand and value.

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Bacardi Canada, MartiniBellissima.ca


Web site development

Project Summary

This lifestyle-focussed site helps Bacardi Canada market their Martini Bellissima product.

Key Features

Send-to-a-friend viral marketing feature and Web-based event invitations help friends tell friends about Bellissima; Legal Drinking Age check helps ensure responsible marketing; Web-based Content Management System (CMS) allows non-technical users to quickly update site content using any Web browser.

Services Provided

technical development, training