Is The Web Helping Your Business Grow?

I recently met with a colleague for coffee.  Among other things, we discussed the importance of educating clients on the “big picture” when it comes to using the web to build their business.

We also shared stories about the challenges of being in the web development and online marketing business. For the most part, I actually don’t see myself in a technology-based business at all.  For me, I see myself in the business of helping other businesses become successful.  I just happen to use web 2.0 and marketing technologies to solve business problems and/or achieve business objectives.

When clients first come to Fruition, they’re very cost sensitive and focused on tactics.   This is understandable. However, as they work with us, many of our clients actually end up increasing their investment in online marketing initiatives as they begin to focus more on the big picture.

Why? Is it because we’re really nice? Maybe, but I think it’s mostly because they actually see a return on their investment. They realize their website and their online marketing initiatives are actually helping build their business.

So what’s my point?

Stop thinking about your website and online marketing as an after-thought. If you’re building a house, would you go to a plumber first and ask him or her to build your a bathroom? Of course not, you’d probably first go to an architect. Someone who’ll bring your ideas to life as well as organize all the resources required to see the project through to a successful conclusion.

When it comes to marketing online, most business owners “hire the plumber” first thinking it will save them money and time. As a result, they end up with a website and a slew of half done projects that are not integrated or in-line with their business objectives.

So if you’re not happy with the results you’re seeing from your online marketing efforts ask yourself: “Did I hire the plumber to build my website and run my online initiatives or did I hire someone who will help me intelligently use the web to build my business over the long-term?”

photo credit: Pink Sherbet