• deepika rawat

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    This article is very informative Digital Marketing Agency

    • Kent Wakely

      Thanks, Deepika. 

      PS, all of our comment links are “nofollow”. Nice try, though.

      (For those of you watching at home, what Deepika just did is an example of blog spam, posting a not-very-meaningful blog comment with a link back to another site in order to try to get a higher search ranking for that site.

      Most blogs, like ours, are hip to this trick now and have put in place measures to keep Google from following those spammy links.

      This is a perfect illustration of why you shouldn’t buy cheap SEO services that come with big promises. They use spammy tactics that don’t work.

      • Ershad

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        • Kent Wakely

          And for those of you looking for another piece of evidence that traditional SEO on its own is a waste of time and money, we have Ershad’s contribution.

          If you’ve hired a low-cost SEO firm that’s promised you tons of backlinks, this is what they’re doing with your name and brand.

          a) They’re spamming blogs with obviously useless content. 

          and b)

          they’re not generating any SEO ranking benefit for their clients. As I’d mentioned in a previous comment here, all of the links from our blog comments are “nofollow”,  so there’s no SEO ranking “juice” passed to third-party sites that post links here.

          Do you want to be Ershad, or have him speaking for you? No. You do not.

  • Stephen Bolt

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    • Kent Wakely

      Thanks, Stephen.

      • Stephen Bolt

        Pleasure is mine :)