Toronto: A Hotbed for Internet Marketing

We’ve known for along time that Toronto is truly a hotbed for internet marketing activity. What’s our social proof? The numerous internet marketing related conferences that are showcased in the city annually. From hardware to software; digital graphics to analytics; social to online marketing - there’s a conference for cover every aspect of digital marketing.  In May alone, there are three important conferences. We’ve checked out the websites and decided to share some of  the highlights. Is one in particular our favourite? We recommend them all - because there’s something for everyone.

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ClickZ Live Conference - may 14-16

ClickZ Live is for marketing professionals, brand advertisers, agencies, and business leaders that want to explore the latest ideas and tools used in digital and online marketing.

The overall conference goal is to give attendees the information they need to increase engagement with their target market and improve ROI by effectively using marketing budgets for paid advertising in conjunction with ‘owned and earned media’.

Pretty high-profile presenters are expected including: Nick Drew, Yahoo Canada | Mel Carson, Majestic SEO | Danny Goodwin, Search Engine Watch | Sylvia Ng,  Google | Mark Silver, The Sports Network | Kirstine Stewart*,  Twitter | Andrew Yang, Microsoft Canada.

(**Canadians will remember not too long ago when Stewart left CBC to open the Canadian Twitter Office.)

eMetrics 2014 Conference - may 12-15

Even if you aren’t an analytics geek, eMetrics 2014 has something to offer even the most numerically challenged marketer. Who knows, after attending this conference you may transform into an analytics ninja yourself. There are numerous workshops and presentations that focus on analytics and performance measurement in association with the Digital Analytics Association.

If you want to be able to measure your online marketing campaigns, then getting chummy with these folks is a good idea. Not only can they teach you how to mine your own data, but these are the folks that are leading the way to improve and test new strategies.

Keynote speakers: Jim Sternee-Metrics Summit | Philippe Giardin, BRP | Stephane Hamel, Cardinal Path | Chris Brogan, Hyatt Corporation | Justin Cutroni, Google | Robert Craig, MLSE | Mark Dykeman, BMO | Jennifer Van Ameron, Culture & Company | Murat Kristal Schulich School of Business, York U.

mesh14 Conference - may 27-28

Mesh conference is one of Canada’s premier digital conferences, gathering leading thinkers and talented innovators who have earned their stripes in the digital field. One of the best networking events in the city, you’ll learn and share the experiences of many other digital marketers across Canada. (Full disclosure, this year Fruition Interactive is one of the sponsors.)

There are plethora of speakers from all digital streams. Keynotes are expected from: Mark Little, Storyful | Maggie Fox, SAP | Neil Harbisson, Cyborg Activist | Boris Wertz, version one ventures | Jevon MacDonald, GoInstant | Darren McColl & David Bradfield, SapierNitro.  And those are just the keynotes, 27 other speakers are scheduled to share their stories.

Be sure to check out the special opportunities for Start-ups and Volunteers.

So there you have it, internet marketing conferences in Toronto - and that’s just in May. Toronto has indeed established itself as an digital marketing hub. And it’s not just conferences. Toronto has been the gateway for many leading edge start-ups that help to educate and inform local business about the opportunities related to online promotion for small to medium size enterprises.

So, if our paths happen to cross this spring at one of the many internet marketing conferences in Toronto, be sure to say hi, and let’s take time for an exchange of ideas.

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