Smart Social Sharing: Tips for Improved Reach and Engagement

All major social media platforms have both business and a personal component. This means that posted content should reflect user expectation. Let’s discuss platform differences and the best ways to post content for optimal results with your inbound marketing.

Toronto social media content should be customized for the network. When posting on Facebook for example, eye catching images are proven to get the best response. Posting content that is just text is less likely to be appreciated.

It’s a good idea to post on a regular basis but important not to annoy your audience by posting too often. We suggest you schedule posting your content 3 or 4 times a day or week depending on your audience.

LinkedIn on the other hand requires a different mindset. LinkedIn is a business networking community. The emphasis is on connecting with people that have influence and presenting content that leaves a favorable business impression.

You can probably post the same content on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with only minor modifications. This content may not be appealing to your LinkedIn audience unless it is somehow related to a business idea or concept.

Google+ appears to have a growing business component. An important note: +1′s are a proven factor in ranking website content. Posting your blog articles on Google+ is just another opportunity to get additional +1′s for your website content.

Sharing and commenting on other people’s content is an effective way to make a connection - as long as it’s done in reasonable doses. Best practice suggests looking for quality content from users you want to build trust with, and draw attention to it.

Another strategy is to find content that compliments what you’re also sharing. Share this complimentary content that is good, maybe shared by others as well.

It’s a legitimate reason to contact someone and a good way to start building an online relationship. It shows them you’re interested enough to understand their content and share information that augments their story and is good inbound marketing.

Toronto users sharing content should always take the time to add some additional information in the description field. When you share the same content over several networks, it’s good practice to add a different slant to your posts. In this way, you’ll start to get a feel for the type of descriptions and comments that get the best reaction from your followers.

Lastly hash tags help target posts to a specific audience. Quick research can help identify trending or popular hash tags that are related to your content. Placing a relevant, high traffic hash tag in the description can increase the reach of your posts considerably.

Create a content promotion plan based on these principles. Decide which social media platforms best suit your objectives, decide who you want to network with and start posting.

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