Nurture Your Current Customer Base With Dedicated Email Sends

Lead nurturing via email is an essential part of inbound marketing. Connecting with your current customer base is one of the most rewarding investments. The question is are you maximizing that opportunity?

Here’s a 5-point check list for dedicated email sends:

Nurturing Your Current Customer Base with Dedicated Email Sends

It Starts with Managing Your Lists Using Clean Segments

Segmentation is critical to target marketing. The only solid connection between your contacts is their interest in your products and services – beyond that, they can be quite varied in terms of demographics. Remember: value and relevance are key factors in inbound marketing. You can’t deliver these if you aren’t sending the right message to the right customer.
Some of the typical ways to segment contacts for dedicated email sends include:

  • Buyer persona
  • Demographic
  • Campaign
  • Pain points
  • Social platform
  • Lead qualification

In fact, it’s ideal for your email subscriber list to be segmented in several different ways to be sure that the right message meets the right customer at the right time in the buying cycle.

It Boils Down to One, and Only One, CTA per Dedicated Send

Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are essential in any channel of inbound marketing; what makes dedicated sends unique is that each email is dedicated to just a single CTA. This makes the point about segmenting your lists even more important: if you have several dedicated email campaigns and too few defined segments to send them to, you’re going to have to either limit your campaigns or cherry pick recipients manually.

Essentially, each dedicated send IS a CTA. It’s focused on a single mission meant to further customer engagement and nurture them along your sales funnel.

It’s Meant to be Personal

Personalize, personalize, personalize – and don’t stop with just using your contact’s first name in the dedication part of your sends. One of inbound marketing’s greatest strengths is that you can personalize the consumer journey and dedicated email sends is one of the most powerful ways to do just that.

Again, this is going to be quite difficult if you didn’t take the time to cleanly segment your lists.

It Should Render Perfectly Regardless of Device

The statistics clearly demonstrate that smartphone and tablet penetration is skyrocketing with no signs of slowing down. Add to that, that email clients and apps in these mobile devices are contributing to the upward trend of people using their devices to access email.

Obviously, if your dedicated sends aren’t mobile friendly, you’re missing out on a huge (and still growing) opportunity – especially if your dedicated sends are for an inbound marketing campaign your prospects can complete on their mobile device.

It Should be Integrated with Your Social Media

Inbound marketing is already at a point where cross-channel integration is as easy as placing share buttons within dedicated email sends. In fact, many email marketing service providers make it easy to integrate social media with email by offering WYSIWYG social sharing buttons in their email designer interfaces. They offer ‘customizable’ templates that you can clone and reuse for your other dedicated campaigns as well.

So: when preparing your email sends: Go Focused – Go Dedicated, and maximize your inbound marketing efforts.

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