Organic Traffic = Higher Conversion Rates & Lead Growth

Here at Fruition Interactive, not a week goes by without talking about the importance of organic traffic on lead generation.

But sometimes results speak louder than words.

Last week, as I put together a quarterly Internet Marketing Game Plan for a client, the synergistic relationship between Organic Traffic and Lead Growth became apparent once again.

Below is a snapshot of the client’s Internet marketing results from the previous 90 days (compared to the previous period last year).

There are a lot of numbers to look at, but the most interesting one is the conversion rate for Organic Traffic (%3.35) vs Paid Search via Google Adwords (%2.01).

The main point here:

Despite 48% of the client’s total visits still during the past 90 days coming from Paid Search, the majority of their leads actually came from Organic Traffic.  

What’s also interesting is this client has been working with us for a couple of years but we’ve only been doing SEO for the client since the fall of 2012.

In fact, some of the high-value keywords (and web pages) we’re currently optimizing still haven’t reached the first page of Google, which we expect will happen by the end of this year.

So if you’re not Blogging and doing SEO to generate more leads perhaps it’s time you started.  

Sure, it takes a bit longer to get results, but as you can see it’s so worth it.


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