Why Doesn’t Anyone Use My Contact Form?

A contact form is a useful web tool because it allows current and potential customers to easily communicate with you. However, as any specialists dealing with inbound marketing in Toronto can tell you, it might be one of the worst ways to generate new leads.

As an inbound marketing tool: Do flashy contact pages work?

When potential customers are in the research phase of their buying proposition, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are also interested in speaking with you. They know that your goal is to sell them something, but they need to be able to find information without a sales pitch. In this case, your contact form is really secondary. Even if it’s the flashiest, most spectacular contact page, if your customer really don’t want to talk with you, they won’t. But don’t let the thought of an under-performing contact page weigh you down, instead focus on the really important inbound marketing issue - nurturing a buying mentality in the lead.

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Across the board, most contact forms are pretty basic. If you ask someone who specializes in inbound marketing in Toronto, they would tell you that providing real value will get contact information faster, while qualifying a lead.

Make contact with your customer by providing real value

Real value can come in a variety of ways, but some of the more popular ways include a content package that is only accessible through their contact info or offering a special deal or discount if they let you know how to get in touch with them.

Providing real value to a potential client will both give them information that they need in order to make an informed decision at the same time keep you at the forefront of their mind when they are ready to purchase. A basic contact-us form just doesn’t cut-it. The added value that you provide in exchange for their contact information can mean the difference between having a visitor bounce from your site, or having them stay awhile, learn more about what you do, and ultimately, giving you a means to talk to them.

While a contact form isn’t the absolute best way to get lead information, it can still be helpful. Visitors to your website who want an easy way to contact you with questions will benefit the most, but it can also be valuable to potential leads. 

The last thing you want is the same bland, cut and copied contact form that is featured on all websites. Good contact forms stand out with a strong call to action. A professional dealing with inbound marketing in Toronto can help you develop this call to action, and provide tips on what to integrate into your contact form. Just a few small tweaks can have an enormous impact on the form response. 

Why aren’t people using your contact form? Because they aren’t ready to talk to you. But, as good inbound marketing practices demonstrate, if you give potential customers something of real value in return for their contact information is going to boost both the number and quality of leads you receive.