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Connect with your customers - Your ad will appear as a sponsored link on Google search pages and other related websites including YouTube and Gmail. Most important, you’ll connect with your customer at the exact moment they are looking for your service.

Take the guessing out of advertising - With Google AdWords, you're in control from start to finish. And you can monitor your campaigns 24/7, to determine how well they are generating new leads. 

Advertise globally or right in your neighbourhood! - Google AdWords allows you to localize your advertising so you know that you’re reaching the people right in your neighbourhood.

Go Mobile! Google AdWords will adapt your ads across all different types of online devices, or you can focus on just one type of advertising, such as mobile. 

And the best for last - You pay ONLY when someone clicks on your ad.  

To qualify for a $300 Google AdWords coupon you must:

  • Be new to AdWords and have an account which is less than 14 days old 
  • Have never previously used a coupon
  • Have a billing address in US or Canada

Once you qualify, a $300 credit will be applied to your Google AdWords account when you spend $100 within 30 days.

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