Reach More Qualified Prospects. Stay Ahead of Your Competition. Spend Less.

Being a Canadian Law Firm, getting prospective clients to call you before the competition is crucial. To succeed, you need to reach your audience on a massive scale with minimal time and effort

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Using our cost-effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, here’s how you’ll reach more qualified prospects and get an edge on your competition:

  • Reach on a Massive Scale. Your listings and Pay-Per-Click ads on search engines like Google have the potential to reach thousands of potential clients each month who are looking for a law firm to help them – why not yours?
  • Highly Relevant and Targeted. Unlike traditional advertising and some forms of banner advertising, where messages are broadcast to a general audience, your listings and ads will only be shown to people who match your target audience exactly and have indicated an interest in your services.
  • Return on Investment (ROI). Search Engine Marketing has the potential to pay for itself. When you receive calls or emails from listings and ads that turn into legal fees and monthly retainers you achieve a solid ROI on your advertising dollars. In the meantime, set the budget your comfortable with, adjust it anytime, and only pay for ads when prospective clients clicks to your site.

With just one Search Engine Marketing campaign, you can single-handedly accomplish what used to take twice the money and time to accomplish. And because your results can be tracked you can continue to re-invest with confidence, enjoying unprecedented levels of control over your advertising budget and reach.

 SEVEN ways Search Engine Marketing helps your law firm:

  • Increases qualified traffic to your website
  • Maximizes your leads while minimizing your costs
  • Precisely targets prospective clients
  • Supports other marketing efforts
  • Helps build your permission-based email mailing list
  • Work with a daily ad budget your comfortable with
  • Only pay for ads potential clients click on

What to expect from us when you let our highly-trained team of experts manage and optimize your SEM campaign:

  • Discovery session. We meet with you to determine what your objectives are, then recommend a marketing strategy to achieve them
  • Campaign set-up. Includes bidding and budget suggestions, keyword selection and more (note: set up varies depending on the ad platform recommended i.e. Google Adwords, Facebook, or Linkedin)
  • Campaign monitoring. Includes regular monitoring through the life of the campaign. This involves us tweaking ad copy and managing your ad budget to optimize ROI
  • Campaign reporting. Includes detailed analysis and reports of what worked and what didn’t (and why)
“I’m sold. My work with Fruition Interactive has been seamless – it’s easy to see that the trend on the graph is moving upwards in terms of leads and actual sales.”

Are you finally ready to get the upper hand?

Try our “Full Service” Pay-Per-Click ad campaign management service for just $175/month.

The fact is, there’s really no risk for you in this at all considering you’ll most likely need just one or two paying clients from your campaign to make your money back as well as generate a solid ROI.

Connect with one of our specialists to start reaching prospective clients today.

Important: Pay-Per-Click advertising is a service. There’s absolutely no software to install or update.


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